Vapor Com is
​​West Nashville's Vapor Shop
​600 Old Hickory Blvd. #101
Nashville, TN  37209

​​(615) 401-9187


(615) 401-9187


VaporCom is Open 7 Days
Monday -Saturday 10AM to 7PM
Sunday Noon to 4PM

​Phone or Internet Ordering Available


VaporCom has a wide range of products, stocking the best quality ecigs, ejuice and a great selection for mod enthusiasts. Our knowledgable staff is here to answer your questions, walk you through the process and will be here for followup, whenever you need it. 

Best Eliquids
Top notch eliquids crafted to satisfy every different style.  VaporCom offers only USA made eliquid by Mountain Oak Vapors, Space Jam, Virgin Vapor, Aer, Epiclouds and Custom Shop.  Currently you have the choice of more than 100 awesome flavors to choose from.  If you prefer to mix and match, the options are endless. We have just launched our first flavor of the Custom Shop High VG line.  80% VG, and the first flavor to make the cut is Strawberries & Cream.  It's awesome! 

Quality Ecig Products
We offer Aspire, Kanger, Vision, VaporTech and other high-end brands.  Weather you’re a newbie, experienced vapor, or do it yourself enthusiast, we’ve got you covered.

No Smoke, Just Vapor!
With electronic cigarettes, you will get the benefit of no nasty smell, no ashes, no tar, no second hand smoke and the freedom to vape in places where you wouldn’t normally smoke.  The lifestyle benefits are easy to identify when you compare them smoking.

The price of vaping compared to smoking is something that adds to the benefits.  You can get a standard starter kit for $34.99.  The price is less than an average carton of cigarettes.  Average weekly cost is under $15 going forward.  To put it plainly, even if you purchased a new battery often, you would typically still be saving money vaping or smoking. 

The VaporCom Experience
Were here to support you in having a great experience.  Rest assured when you come in, we’ll walk you through the process, and you’ll leave with a working, ready to go system.  We’ll make sure you know your options and have enough information to match your starter kit to your needs.  If you have questions, need help, another run through or want to select a new flavor, just give us a call, or stop by.

VaporCom products are currently available in three locations from Nashville to Fairview Tennessee.  We’re open 7 days a week for your convenience and between the locations your only a few minutes away. Click on the Contact Us tab above for locations and maps.